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If you identify with any of the above, keep going ↓

  • You have a lot of questions about college recruiting but you're not sure how to answer any of them.
  • You're willing to take risks but don't have unlimited time or money to experiment with.
  • You want to do this on your own, but it also feels risky not trying some of these recruiting services either.
  • You want to play at your dream school, but you're not sure where to begin.
  • You want to make your kids' dream a reality, but you don't want to go broke financially.
  • Maybe you have a few offers to play college ball, but you're just not sure what's next.

What You'll Get

👨‍💻The Course

This is a 10+ video self-paced course on all of the lessons I've learned on how to take you faster from point A (unrecruited) to point B (offered).

I am going to present a few ideas designed to help you leverage your academic, athletic and personal resources to receive your first college offer.

You will learn how recruiting specialists works, how to deal with the uncertainty of recruiting and how to market yourself to college coaches who have no time to talk to you.

These are all things I've learned first-hand as not only a college football player myself, but as a coach who has helped players receive offers from multiple Power 5 programs, every level of college football and the entire Ivy League.

Now, I can help apply them to you.

New videos are added every week and you will receive an update when they are added.

Topics include:

🤷‍♂️ The Physics of College Football Recruiting: Understanding the simple academic, athletic and personal metrics that will open or close doors for your recruiting hopes (and how to maximize the ones you possess)

☔️ The Randomness of College Football Recruiting: It is possible to possess the academic and athletic assets that may enable you to play at a certain level of college football and still not receive an offer to play there. College recruiting is governed much more by randomness, timing and chance than we'd like to admit. This will cover how to deal with this uncertainty, separate signal from noise and attract luck your way.

🗣 Talking To Big People: Self-marketing is not something taught to the young people who are now tasked with selling themselves to college coaches. Recruiting will be a young person's first time interacting in a zero-sum "what-can-you-do-for-me?" environment which is vastly different from how adults interact with them in K-12 schooling. This will teach you how to introduce yourself, ask tough questions and be pleasant company for a busy college coach to be around.

📲 Winning Twitter While Not Losing At Recruiting: Twitter is where college recruiting occurs but nearly all recruits leverage it poorly (including their parents) This will teach you how to build your online Twitter brand while not becoming a Twitter addict, make contact with more coaches and, ultimately create more recruiting opportunities for yourself.

🎓 Junior Days: Junior days are academic open houses run by football programs to communicate a serious intent to recruit you over the course of the coming year. This is a module on how to get invited to one, do well during one and set yourself up for a great summer of college camps ahead.

🏈 College Recruiting Camps: Almost no college will offer a player they do not see in person. This is a guide on how to prepare for and do well at these high-stakes college camps. More importantly, this will discuss how to make sure you don't lose momentum on your recruiting after successful camps.

⭐️ Ranking Camps: There is no more controversial subject in recruiting than the topic of ranking camps. Are they worth the time and effort to attend? Is it possible to play high-level college ball without them? Is there a way to "hack" them?

👨‍👩‍👦 Parents & Recruiting: This is a short but fun discussion on the tension parents feel between wanting college to be their child's decision while at the same time knowing that their child still doesn't know what they don't know. There will be blowups and blowouts between parents and players, you can be sure of that, but they need not be fatal and they need not be unproductive. This is a small guide on how to navigate the murky co-decision-making process between parents and players on college.

🏆 Offers & Small Wins: So you got offered, great - now what? This is a deep dive into what an offer actually (or doesn't actually mean) for you and your family, and how to navigate the awkward in-between "we've offered you but you're not accepted into the school yet" period of recruiting and how to stay in touch with a coach while not being annoying.

💲 Scholarships & Paying For College: Even if Yale offers you, you still need to figure out how to pay for it. This module will cover the in's and out's of earning an athletic scholarship at the FBS, FCS, and D2 level (and, err maybe the D3 level)

🔀 Transfering: Players can now move between teams with ease, but that doesn't always mean they should. Transferring may cost you years of credits and tens of thousands of dollars but it also might be your ticket to a better playing situation. This will cover everything you need to know.

The Guest Coaches

Every month or so you can expect a few live classes from guest coaches, players, and speakers who will teach you something relevant based on their first-hand experience. This lineup will change over time, but more or less, these classes will be repeated. You can join as many of these guest classes as you'd like. They are free once you're in the community.

Current lineup:

  • High Academic DIII Football by former Kenyon Head Football Coach, James Rosenbury
  • Brand Building & NIL Dealmaking by TBA
  • Prep Schools & PG Years by TBA



If you didn't feel like this course was worth your time or money, you are entitled to a 100% refund guaranteed, no questions asked within 90 days of request.

Still not sure?

Shoot me a text here at 845-269-9941 or DM on Twitter

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